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The soul of our wine, the essence of a generous earth which gives precious gems
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Discover Le Favole Wines

Carefully selected vineyards with low yields per hectare give life to a collection of absolute quality, born from the patience of those who show great dedication to wine, without haste, as if it were a daily, sacred ritual in pursuit of excellence.

The wines of the Le Favole estate, in fact, preserve the essence of Friuli Venezia Giulia, all these unique and typical scents of an exclusive area where the particular climate, karst rock on one side and proximity to the sea on the other, create a magical meeting of sensations to savour, deep emotions to surrender to.


The winery

In the foothills of Pordenone, in the hills to the north of the town of Caneva, the Le Favole winery is nestled in karst rock surrounded by vineyards.
Caneva vigneto 4

Visits and tastings

Each bottle jealously guards the soul of our wine, the essence of a generous earth which gives precious gems, bunches of rare pearls, fruit of our love

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